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Handmade Mask Chains

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These handmade mask chains are a great way to keep your mask close but also off your face. In my "past life" aka before CU I was a jewelry designer so finally my years of hoarding jewelry supplies is paying off haha. Some of the styles will be restocked. You can always email me if you have questions about them.

Each chain has a lobster claw clasp on each end to attach to your ear loops. All the chains are 30" long. If you have metal allergies these might not be for you since they are mostly brass and base metals, the details are listed below.

-The stars are gold plated brass chain

-The daisy gold filled brass chains with enamel daisies

-The gunmetal moons are brass and other base metals

-The oval (white, black & orange) and black circles are enamel with brass surroundings