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Handmade Masks

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These masks are two layers of 100% cotton and machine washable. They are made with cotton twill tape ties that can be tied two different ways, behind the head and nape of the neck or around your ears. When the straps are your desired length you can cut them and tie a little knot in the end so it doesn't fray. Now I also offer ear loops as well! Make sure to wash mask after each trip outside and keep your cute faces covered. Any mask can be made in a kiddo size too, just drop me an email. Please add EAR LOOPS to your order if you want them, otherwise your mask will be made with ties.

Please note that each mask will look different because of the way the patterns are printed on the fabrics. Also the Hand-Dyed Tie Dye masks are all one-of-a-kind.

Masks ship within ten business days!

Please note due to safe hygiene practices that masks are not returnable.

I am also doing NO COST masks for those who can't afford to buy them due to financial hardship. If you need a donated mask please email me with the subject "Mask Please" . If you would like to donate some masks there is that option too. You can pick $15 (one mask & shipping) or $30 (two masks & 2 shipping fees) and I will send them to the folx in need. For donated masks just choose "local pick up" so you don't get charged shipping.