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Spell Jar Apron Presale

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I am so excited to have this amazing apron come to life with my sweet friend Lindsey! She made the amazing spell jar design and we make the aprons and do the embroidery right here in the studio in Portland! Here is a little more from Lindsey about the story behind the beautiful art...

"I created this spell jar using various plants which are known for their protective and healing aspects - basil, aloe vera, star anise, vervain, dogwood and willow. To imbue the spell with even more love & magic I specifically selected dogwood and willow for their personal connections with myself and Claire - dogwood, as my home state is North Carolina and pussy willow, which Claire’s mom kept in her childhood home growing up. These elements combine to create a strong protection spell for the wearer - May there be fewer cuts, burns, bruises, spills, splashes, slips, stumbles, falls, and whatever else kind of trouble your craft gets you into."